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Case Studies

Heaven Fresh

Heaven Fresh was started by two young entrepreneurs in a basement of Toronto Canada in 2003 to market air purifiers and water purifiers. The business was started with a single website to sell products on the Internet. Today Heaven Fresh operates its own offices and warehouses in the United States, Canada, Germany, United Kingdom and United Arab Emirates. From these locations, Heaven Fresh products are also distributed to several other neighboring countries. The revenues have grown from few thousand dollars to a few million dollars.

As the Heaven Fresh business grew out of the basement, so did the demands on the principles of the business to do customer service, order processing, shipping and bookkeeping. The daily routine kept them from investing their time on more growth oriented activities and the only solution was to hire some help. However, bringing one full time employee would cost between $40,000 to $50,000 / year and that would mean increasing the sales volume just to cover the cost of the new employee.

This is where Velorium came in and hired one full time employee for Heaven Fresh to handle online customer server, list products on eBay/Amazon, enter the orders in the database to process and preparing the invoice/shipping labels to get the orders out of the door. This helped Heaven Fresh cut down the overhead of hiring new employees by 75% thus allowing more profitability.

Today several full time Heaven Fresh employees working on Velorium premises in Lahore Pakistan perform all kinds of duties from customer service and graphic design to accounting and marketing for international offices of the company. As the business model is being solidifying so is the relationship between Heaven Fresh and Velorium where more and more routine or even growth activities are being handled by offshore talented offshore employee saving company hundreds and thousands of dollars every year.

Custom Clothiers

Custom Clothiers is a New York based designer of custom clothing who runs a very successful business "Clothes for Success". Velorium started working with the company 5 years ago to develop an interactive website to sell custom made shirts on the Internet. To do that, Velorium had to understand the Custom Clothiers business and the business philosophy and bring people on board who could grow with the business.

Velorium worked with the company not only to develop the website but got the right talent to develop an entire low cost business model. The model worked out so well that eventually Custom Clothiers decided to outsource the actual clothes manufacturing to as well.

Velorium hired and trained the team to manage various aspects of the business. That included things like customer measurements, tailoring, packaging, logistics, online marketing, customer service, accounting, graphic designing and e-commerce development.

Today Velorium manages dozens of Custom Clothiers employees that along with managing day to day business activities produce and ship thousands of custom made shirts every month and make sure that every customer is a happy customer with the "perfect fit".


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