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Offshore IT Outsourcing

Current era is especially distinguished with recession as the whole world is going through this phase. Whether a business is located in first world country or third world country, more or less both are facing the same fate. Unemployment is surging and breaking all previous records due to the reason that businesses are shrinking. In these hard times, people come up with the idea of Offshore IT Outsourcing. Outsourcing is simply, contracting out business function to an external entity. This helps the companies to fulfill their tasks without hiring fulltime employees.

Velorium came into being when the founders realized the need of a company that can easily undertake the Offshore IT Outsourcing tasks and fulfill them professionally. Right now, Velorium is one of the leading Offshore IT Outsourcing consultancy firm, fulfilling the needs of small to medium sized businesses. The company takes pride in itself by successfully delivering every project at most cost effective manner. Velorium helps other businesses to increase their productivity while reducing their business overhead expenditures to ultimately maximize their profitability.

Currently Velorium is equipped with largest database of highly professional experts and latest technology resources. Professionalism of team leads of every particular service provided at Velorium helps the company to anticipate the future scenarios and take appropriate steps in advance to ensure that the project is delivered on time with no bugs. Velorium has not restricted itself to any particular service; it deals in diversified fields and services of Offshore IT Outsourcing, to ensure total customer satisfaction. Currently Velorium offers its services in web development, web designing, accounting, business operations, sales and marketing and much more. Clients never give a second thought while dealing with Velorium as it provides most cost effective and high quality solutions.

We guarantee that as offshore outsourcing provider, our services are second to none. You will be definitely satisfied with the kind of work we produce.

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